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Where everybody is somebody

People and their well-being are central to our work. Our employee-inspired mission is to operate a business where everybody is somebody. This holds us to a simple commitment: Offer our employees, our clients, and every customer the unique treatment they deserve.

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Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to have dedicated team members who support our mission by providing exceptional experiences to the end user through phone calls, online chatting, and texting. In turn, we give our employees opportunities to continue their professional development and enhance their leadership skills.

Our contact centers are led by executives with extensive industry experience.

We have three primary focus areas:

Management Support

CBHS has the recruiting resources and infrastructure to rapidly onboard staff during a surge period. We can easily manage and supervise 1,000+ agents on-site and virtually. We also have expertise in contact center support functions such as quality assurance, financial management, human resources, incentive implementation, and ongoing staff training.

Technology Support

We are technology agnostic and support industry-standard call center configurations including Genesys, Avaya, NICE, and Amazon Connect. Our workforce management tools help us forecast same-day staffing and utilization rates. We require all customer service representatives to complete security and compliance training through virtual desktop infrastructure solutions.

In-Classroom and Virtual Training

CBHS’ agents, supervisors, and managers receive ongoing project-specific training as well as virtual leadership training on process application, employee development, and performance management best practices.

To learn more about our services, email us at info@cbhealthservices.com.

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Employee Spotlight


Site Manager

Monica has learned over the years that it’s important not only to be present at work, but also to display value in your work. Read More

Monica Smith-Moon is a senior contact center manager at Capitol Bridge Health Services. Her work journey began at the age of 18, when she became a customer service manager for a retail store. This fueled her passion to continue her education and work toward the professional goals she set for herself. Never focusing on the job title, but rather on the work she produced and the individuals she mentored, she steadily grew into the person she is today. Monica has a quote that she reads daily: “You’re not successful if they are not successful.” This is a daily reminder that success is not about one person — it’s about everyone. Monica has learned over the years that it is important not only to be present at work, but also to display value in your work. Read Less